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Rewind This!

REWIND THIS! by IPF Productions Donate. Because understanding the histories of outmoded-at-best-“retro”-at-worst media technologies is crucial for understanding the technology trough at which we gorge ourselves today. Because, with SOPA on the horizon, a reevaluation of the sticky relationship between … Continue reading

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Amer (Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani, 2009)

What this film–a self-conscious nearly-silent tripartite-structured homage to giallo–captures best about the genre is its depiction of the intimate rendezvous between flesh and inanimate objects. While the film provides ample indicators of the horror-thriller (leather and lace choke skin, razor … Continue reading

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Wake Wood (David Keating, 2011)

Its messy final third aside, which substitutes thoughtfulness for bone-headed xeroxes of scary-kid film tropes and threadbare CGI gushes, this film inverts The Wicker Man’s rural United Kingdom terror (the luddite community of the titular town are mostly kind and … Continue reading

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Arbogast on Film (2007-2011)

This writer will miss (in no particular order): the 31 Screams series, wherein our intrepid scribe inventories the cinematic manifestations of aural abjection; the archived images, wherein the keen-eyed blogger provides the visuals for our nightmares; and the mini-screeds, wherein … Continue reading

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