Alucarda (Alucarda, la hija de las tinieblas) (Juan López Moctezuma, 1978)

Considering the shrieking and bug-eyed gurning that the titular Tina Romero does in this film, one would be forgiven if one thought she was actually possessed by Beelzebub or trying desperately hard to convince someone off-screen that they made a big mistake not casting her as Abigail Williams in the naturist production of The Crucible earning rave reviews the next village over. It’s a confusing move to have such a compellingly unhinged character like Romero’s at the center of your film and yet be nominally interested in the rational hypocrisies of religion and the cruel paternalism of medicine. Perhaps that is why, in a gesture meant to compensate for this contradiction, everything and everyone explodes, melts, or bleeds in a (ho-hum) climactic inferno.

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