The Velvet Vampire (Stephanie Rothman, 1971)

Hard to read either as a winking deconstruction of the vampire film or as a sun-fried reimagining of its tropes, this film both giggles in its hands—tittering at its characters named (Carl) Stoker and (Diane) Le Fanu; smirking at its inane dialogue about dune buggies, dead miners, and marital strife; and sniggering at its desert-swept Harlequin dream sequences—and presents some inspired, albeit half-baked, hypotheses about a well-worn genre. Unfortunately, the whiffs of necrophilia and pedophilia, the mention of blood disease, the hints at a connection between vampires and Native Americans, and the efficient sequences that bookend the film (a penetration of a would-be rapist and a bizarre tableau of a mob of cross-wielding Los Angelino longhairs) add up to dust in the wind.

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