Night of the Demons (Kevin S. Tenney, 1988)

Apart from an astonishing out-of-left-field solo dance sequence, performed in hyperbolic strobe-lit Kate Bush style (and set to Bauhaus’ “Stigmata Martyr”), some innovative camerawork (cribbed, perhaps, from the demoncam in Evil Dead 2), and an exhortation to “eat a bowl of fuck,” there isn’t much to recommend this film, a surprisingly mean-spirited Halloween haunted house/possession/oversexed-teen romp. It’s no surprise, considering the genre and the era, to say that the resourceful and virginal WASPy girl survives, nor is it a surprise that fucking (regardless of its non-heteronormative iterations) is both the source of evil and leads our protagonists to anatomical trauma. What is surprising is that the build-up to the inevitable supernatural mayhem isn’t so much creepy as creeping.

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2 Responses to Night of the Demons (Kevin S. Tenney, 1988)

  1. Interesting, I’ve never seen it but I’ve known about the film because it features Stigmata Martyr, truly one of Bauhaus creepiest songs, so much so, even the blokes in the band were spooked when recording it…

  2. Night of the Demons 2! Brian Trenchard-Smith. Pure ridiculousness, but a guilty pleasure.

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