Best Worst Movie (Michael Stephenson, 2009)

Considering its object of study is both (a) an utter mess, the result of a largely Italian crew meeting ugly with a cast of aspiring performers in the bleak mountains of Utah, and (b) a steaming pile of disaster, with wince-inducing acting, lumbering storytelling, and a reach light-years beyond its grasp, this documentary about Troll 2 comes across as slightly odd. For the most part, it attempts to tell a story of qualified success (a stale “look how amazing this so-bad-it’s-good film actually might be” narrative) and its principals are–for the most part–quite Zen in their acceptance of their respective post-film lives It gets most interesting when it probes at the soft edges of sorrow draped over its subjects; in this case, the megalomaniacal rants of a director and the wood panels in the house of a broken actress tell a much more compelling story than any hoots at a fan convention do.

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