The Strangeness (David Michael Hillman, 1980)

There are fleeting moments in this throwback monster film where the narrative meekly promises to give us something that will make us care for the group of seven cavers caving: a frisson of sexual jealousy here, a soupçon of grief there, an ombre of greed somewhere. Its flimsiness, however, evaporates, rather unlike the strange spermy/sudsy emissions that alternately glue or drown or eat away at our intrepid spelunkers. What’s left to stain our brains–besides images of bobbling headlamps dancing in inky blackness and an incredible stop-motion creature that out-Harryhausens Ray (and out-Freuds Sigmund)–is the competent enthousiasme behind the scenes that turns foil-covered chicken wire into rock walls and endless stretches of not much into claustrophobic and gripping stuff.

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One Response to The Strangeness (David Michael Hillman, 1980)

  1. rhsmith says:

    I’m so on this.

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