Race with the Devil (Jack Starrett, 1975)

Among the strange delights suggested by this film is imagining how Captain America and GTO ended up married to Angelique and Hot Lips Houlihan. Or how, in just a few years, late-60s wanderlust and the need to just drive fast, man, get transformed by encroaching middle-age and ownership of a successful business into the desire to go on a mobile-home vacation to ski in Colorado. While this film reverses the travels of the protagonists of the two previously-invoked road movies, the (left) coast nonetheless remains a metaphorical and literal unattainability. More depressingly, though, the endlessly flat horrible middle of America is still a place of danger, where everyone (and I mean everyone) knows each other and knows what you saw happen to that naked nubile in that satanic ceremony under that burning tree in the middle of the night. And wants to make damn sure you don’t remember seeing what you saw.

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